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Knuth Zensen
Fidelity 60 - 2/2022
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For the combination TT01 / TA01 a high price is demanded. However, since the sonic performance is completely sovereign and the handling uncomplicated, this combination can become the proverbial "last record player". This is especially true when effect-free and natural reproduction with a sense of finesse is required.

Holger Barske
LP Magazin 05/21
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Helmut Thiele's analogue solution plays right up front.TT01 and TA01 are strikingly refined, sovereign and variable. Real analogue highlights.
Alexander Rose-Fehling,
Stereoplay 01/22
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What to talk long around it: The Thiele TT01 with TA01 is one of the best turntables in the world. Period.
Matthias Böde
Stereo 03/22
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Creative and sophisticated. Thiele builds the ultimate turntable. As a result of his decades of experience, Helmut Thiele presents a record player of the top league, bursting with ingenious detail solutions.
Dirk Sommer
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Rarely have I listened to a tonearm as intensively and for as long as this one: It helps all the cartridges used to achieve top sonic performance, is not noticeable itself, is easy to set up and adjust, is visually reminiscent of modern architecture and has an extremely high-quality finish. With the TA01, Helmut Thiele has created an innovative dream tonearm.