Thiele DW01 Damping Weight

Damping Weight: Reduction of Turntable Vibrations

Resonance measurements on records during playback have shown that the extremely fast movement of the needle carrier and the diamond in the groove cause the entire vinyl to vibrate despite its minimal mass. The DW01 damping weight minimises these resonances from the top of the vinyl using a combination of aluminium and wooden parts, connected by a damping gel. This 2-component gel is also used in the tonearmtube of the TA01 tonearm in combination with carbon material.

Functional Description

When a vinyl LP is played, the entire vinyl disc, including the paper labels (1), is set into vibration by the diamond and stylus (2) of the pickup. These vibrations and resonances are superimposed on the music signal, producing an imprecise sound that impairs accurate reproduction and precise localisation of the musical instruments in the virtual space. The puck contacts the vinyl disc on the top of the paper label via three ebony rods (3) and transmits the resonances to a multi-ribbed coupling disc (4) in the centre of the damping weight. This coupling disc is connected to the body of the puck via a damping gel (5). The total housing (6) weight of approx.
400 grams generates the corresponding pressure on the vinyl disc and dampens all resonances via the gel. The body of the damping weight itself is further dampened by ebony inlays (7) on top. The result of all these measures is a very effective silencing of the vinyl LP and thus a clean sound image with a very precise localisation and reproduction of the musical instruments.