Thiele ADB01 Active Damping Base

ADB01 - the optimal base for the TT01 turntable

Many measures to suppress vibrations and resonances have been realised in the TA01 tonearm and the TT01 turntable. During research into these physical phenomena, it became clear that the installation surface, rack or board etc. of a turntable also has a major influence on its resonance behaviour and therefore on the music signal. In co-operation with the company Seismion in Hannover, the active base ADB01 was developed, which is directly tailored to the TT01. The design is aesthetically matched to the TT01; dimensions, proportions, colours and surfaces are a perfect fit, recessed spike pads allow the TT01 to be perfectly positioned and optimally coupled to the housing of the ADB01.
As a result of the collaboration with Seismion, the design of the ADB01 housing is also optimised through the use of special wood materials and extremely thick walls for the supporting base plate.
The base is also designed with two additional layers. Placing the TT01 on the base eliminates all external interference such as footfall noise or vibrations from the house as well as the structure-borne noise of the motor from the turntable. As a result, the music signal that is output to the phono amplifier is extremely clean.

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Dirk Sommer
Erlkönig: Thiele ADB01
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Sliding the Active Damping Base under my turntable takes less than four minutes with the help of a friend, despite removing and replacing the platter. As the needle descends back into the groove, the sound of the test piece still resonates vividly in our ears. It could have taken half an hour, for the remarkably positive impact on the sound would have been just as evident. The base enhances the LaGrange's performance with both the Ortofon MC in the Thiele TA01 and later with the Lyra Olympos in the Thales Simplicity II, delivering improved detail resolution, a significantly larger representation of the imaginary or realistic space, and elevating additional details beyond the threshold of perception. (...) The beauty of the base's effect lies in its ability to enhance all aspects of one's favored arm/system combination without altering its character.