The turntable is divided into 3 levels which, according to the principle of ‚Constrained Layer Damping‘, ensure that the unavoidable interference from the drive motor is kept as far away as possible from the tonearm and cartridge. In the lower level are the 3 adjustable feet that connect the entire turntable to the stand. The drive motor is also installed there, as well as the motor control and the XLR terminal. The center level, connected to the lower and upper levels by a special adhesive layer, carries only the armboard and the tonearm. The platter bearing and the control panel are mounted on the top level. By choosing different wood materials, each level is optimised in terms of vibration. Disturbances are greatly reduced in stages from the drive level to the tonearm level. The result of this mix of materials and the construction is the impressive quietness of the turntable.

Knuth Zensen
Fidelity 60 - 2/2022
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For the combination TT01 / TA01 a high price is demanded. However, since the sonic performance is completely sovereign and the handling uncomplicated, this combination can become the proverbial "last record player". This is especially true when effect-free and natural reproduction with a sense of finesse is required.

Holger Barske
LP Magazin 05/21
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Helmut Thiele's analogue solution plays right up front.TT01 and TA01 are strikingly refined, sovereign and variable. Real analogue highlights.
Alexander Rose Fehling,
Stereoplay 01/22
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What to talk long around it: The Thiele TT01 with TA01 is one of the best turntables in the world. Period.
Matthias Böde
Stereo 03/22
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Creative and sophisticated. Thiele builds the ultimate turntable. As a result of his decades of experience, Helmut Thiele presents a record player of the top league, bursting with ingenious detail solutions.

TT01 with on/off and speedselector

TT01 with on/off and speedselector, adjustable feet from top and rearside with balanced XLR connectors, power connector and speed finetune


The turntable is driven by a flat belt. The platter bearing is a 10mm plain bearing with a 7mm ceramic ball. The bearing bottom is designed with a center hole so that the ceramic ball runs on a defined circular ring. This creats an even, controlled braking torque that keeps the drive motor constantly running against a small load. This braking torque calms the mechanical running of the motor. This effect is also further supported by the use of grease for the bearing axle instead of oil. The platter is made of three parts: sub-platter, acrylic disc and outer ring. This combination of materials contributes to the damping and smoothing of the platter. Phono preamplifiers can be connected via balanced XLR outputs. The tonearm is fixed to the arm board by a central steel ball and four screws arranged in a parallelogram. The contact via these 5 point connections has an isolating effect for resonances between chassis and tonearm. The circular arm board mounted on the middle level of the chassis also has only 4 point-shaped contact points to the chassis. The basic principle of this drive is the gradual isolation of the individual components while realising the greatest possible mechanical strength.




Thiele TT01 is delivered in a custom flightcase